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Meet the Poets/ Pete Ford

#MeetThePoets A few words from Pete Ford. Last year's second place winner.

- Pete, describe yourself as a person.

I am currently in college studying literature and working my way into the publishing world. I want to be an editor of some kind, then eventually a literary agent.

- Describe your last years submission. The language – why did you choose it, how long did you take?

- The power of CSS to change what we see intrigues me: it builds on the framework of HTML and allows me to reshape the reader’s perception. I wrote the poem over a few days, coming back to work over and refine it.

- Why did you start coding? How?

- After I found one of my dad’s old BASIC textbooks, I learned HTML from a book. I liked the simplicity, that I could see results immediately with only a text editor and a browser. As soon as I discovered CSS, I knew, “This is what HTML has been waiting for!”

- What inspired you to write code as a poem? Why did you seem the idea interesting?

- I have been interested for a while in writing beautiful code, clean code. When I saw that there are people who write code poetry, I knew I had to try it, to combine two of my interests, computer language and poetic language. As poetry ought to be, it is stretching to write anything in a language besides my native .

See Pete's poem below. We are waiting for your submission to until November 7th.

Poem. Author: Pete Ford

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