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Meet the Poets // Nida Sahar

- Nida, describe yourself as a person.

I am an Engineer turned entrepreneur who also writes from Bangalore, India. I love poetry, I am intrigued by amalgamation of art forms and extremely passionate about empowering women in technology.

- Why did you participate in Source Code Poetry?

Source Code Poetry is an amalgamation of two of my worlds - poetry and coding. I wanted to experiment with a new style of writing. I was very fascinated with the whole concept and my hand kept itching to try it out.

- How and when did you decide you want to start coding? What programming language do you like most?

I was introduced to coding in primary school( first grade) possibly at the same time I was introduced to poetry. Coding allowed me to structure my thoughts, solve problems and write solutions. I was extremely fascinated by the syntax and the commands and familiarity with the spoken tongue. I am extremely fond of Java and Python, primarily because I have worked with the languages for a great length.

- What would you like to learn in the future?

I would love to explore Ruby and Golang.

- Would you consider code poetry a form of art? Why?

Yes of course. Coding is an extension of the machine vocabulary, though restricted in the form on syntaxes but offers a big canvas to explore creativity. I think we are just starting to understand code poetry as an art form.

Poem by Nida Sahar

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