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Meet the Poets // Marius Balčytis

- Mariau, describe yourself as a person.

I'm just a simple guy that codes for fun. I like trying new things occasionally, just as this thing you're doing right now! I live in Vilnius and I love it!

- Describe your last years submission. The language – why did you choose it, how long did you take?

I chose PHP as it's my native tongue (or my native fingers, so to speak). It took me several evenings, blended into the nights, to be honest. It possibly took a bit more as I've challenged myself with a few additional things: to use as many PHP features as possible and to make the code print itself when ran.

- Why did you start coding? How?

If you could call HTML coding, I started in about 5th grade by finding the View Source feature in "Internet program" (yup, I knew only of IE, shame on me). Seeing the examples, it took just a bit to work out how I could create something by myself, which drove me further. Some time later my dad taught me the basics (thanks!) and I've started coding in Visual Basic. It was really good for starters as it was drag-and-drop based, easily ran - just look at the examples and make something of your own! Of course, at that age everything I did was many many games :)

- What inspired you to write code as a poem? Why did you seem the idea interesting?

Actually that was your video, shown in one of the awesome VilniusPHP meetups! It took my interest as it was challenging and something I haven't tried before. In case someone will be interested in how the poem works (as it contains "companion" file):

Poem by Marius Balčytis

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