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Meet the Poets // Andrew Longstaff

A few words from Andrew Longstaff.

- Andrew, describe yourself as a person.

- I'm a digital humanist, working with code to make interesting products and experiments with people at a center of design. I'm also in my free time an artist, tinkerer and gamer.

- Describe your last years submission. The language – why did you choose it, how long did you take?

- I work with JavaScript in my day to day work, and the syntax, the Promise API in this case, is both loose and evocative, giving a good point of inspiration as well as freedom for flow. Overall it took about a day to get the core down, and a week to tweak and refine it to flow better.

- Why did you start coding? How?

- I taught myself how to code after university as I loved puzzles and computer games when I was growing up, the interaction and complexity of the systems was wonderful to try and figure out. I made a few small demo games before managing to get a job coding where I learnt all the rest of the things you need to know for the industry.

- In my free time I love art and experimenting with processes to make beautiful things. Code poetry was a wonderful opportunity to not only look at what was being made but to highlight the beauty in the process of making in a digital context.

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