Any coding language

Must Compile

Must Rhyme

Must Be Cool


The poetry must be written in any programming language. 

Submitted source code must rhyme (however, modern masterpiece may ignore this rule)

Submitted source code must compile (however we accept poems written in interpreted programming languages)..

Comments and string literals are NOT permitted.

Submit your entry to BEFORE May 31st. 

You will(Need no){ 
 Example at=ALL;
 if (You.are(GOOD))

The Jury Committee

Tomas Krilavičius. Tomas is a professor at Informatics faculty, Vytautas Magnus University and CTO at information systems branch at Baltic Institute of Advanced Technologies. He is also a co-founder of TokenMill. He is an evaluation committee member of CLARIN ERIK CENTERS, member of ACL, IEEE and ACM. Professor has published many articles on topics of his interests: artificial intelligence, machine learninglinguistic technology etc. 

Povilas Balzaravičius. Povilas is Senior Software Engineer at Uber. An active member of Lithuanian IT community, one of the founders of VšĮ Programuotojai - a non-profit organization created to support local user groups and organize programming-related events. He also a man behind “No trolls Allowed” – the first hacker camp in Lithuania.

Justas Sarapas. Justas is Senior .NET developer at Visma. Justas is a passionate developer, explorer and has been supporting Code Poetry movement from the very beginning. Justas was a part of all-programmers rock band „Undefined“ and claims that art and code go really well together.

Dino Esposito. Dino is CTO and co-founder of Crionet, a company providing software and IT services to professional tennis and sports companies. Dino also does a lot of training and consulting and is the author of several books on web and mobile development. His most recent book is "Programming ASP.NET Core". A Pluralsight author, Dino speaks regularly at industry conferences and community events. You can follow Dino on Twitter at @despos and through his blog.

The Prizes

"3Doodler Create" The World's First 3D Printing Pen For 1st place submission

 Ticket to "BuildStuff Software development conference" in Vilnius  for 1st place submission

 License for JetBrains product of your choice for 2nd place submission

Signed copy of "Code Poetry" by Daniel Holden and Chris Kerr for top 3 submissions

Galery of historic submissions



Real professionals know their stuff.

Real professionals talk, think, breathe and sleep about their stuff.

Real professionals need no excuse. They seek perfection.

Real programmers can code poetry